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Are you searching for a jewellery store near Northcote? Head to Soroor Jewellery. Custom Jewellery designs, exceptional quality, and elegant patterns are what you find here. We believe that jewellery plays a huge role in enhancing one’s personality. That’s why we personalise jewellery for customers like you. We customise jewellery according to your design preference and provide jewellery engraving services to personalise your jewellery. We also offer imported designer jewellery from the Middle East & Dubai. Whether it’s your big day or attending a special event, adorning yourself with the perfect jewellery will enhance your outfit. We can customise bracelets and bangles, gold name necklace, silver name necklace, name rings and much more. So, whenever you want to design a piece of unique jewellery sets, make Soroor Jewellery your only choice.


Wouldn’t it be great to receive a name plated gold necklace on your birthday? At Soroor Jewellery, we design a gold name necklace, silver name necklace and other jewellery like bangles, rings, bracelets, earrings and much more. We listen to your design needs and customise them accordingly. So, whether you’re gifting someone or you’re buying it for yourself, we can design the signature style jewellery piece just for you. Apart from this, we offer trendy jewellery designs and imported designer jewellery to suit all your occasions.

 Laser Jewellery Engraving Service Northcote 

Want to make a special mark on a jewellery piece that you present? We provide laser engraving service to make a special mark, name, design a unique code or personal message on your engagement rings, necklaces, and bracelets. From minimal bold designs to delicate intricate patterns, we can craft the best jewellery piece for you.

When it comes to the latest trendy designs and signature style jewellery pieces, we’re a one-stop jewellery destination, feel free to visit us or tell us your requirements on (03)9386 1757.