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   Gemstone PendantAre you looking for a jewellery store near Parkville? Jewellery plays a significant role in our heritage and traditions. As one of the upcoming jewellery store known for our exclusive designs & product quality. Every jewellery piece from us is crafted to a signature finish. You can explore the authentic range of name rings, necklaces and chains, gold bangles a bracelets, pendants, and much more. What's more? The jewellery you love is now within your reach. You can shop the myriad of gold jewellery imported from Dubai & Middle East. We also customise the jewellery sets on your style needs. Whatever design you have in mind, we'll bring that to life. Our jewellery store near coburg offers the opportunity to buy exquisite gold jewellery and silver sterling necklace for our customers across Parkville.


Want something to bling from head to toe? Whether it’s your wedding or anniversary or special someone’s birthday, we have imported designer jewellery pieces to adorn your outfits. To ensure your attire and jewellery match well, make Soroor Jewellery your go-to shop. From trendy necklaces to classic bangle designs, we import designer jewellery from Dubai & Middle East. So, whatever your Jewellery needs are, you can find them in Soroor Jewellery.

Laser Engraving Services Parkville 

Whether it’s your engagement ring or wedding ring, personalising it with a name or a design would make it even more special and that’s what we do. We offer professional laser engraving service for rings, bangles, and bracelets and much other jewellery pieces. From bold designs to intricate patterns, we can craft the best jewellery piece for you.

 When it comes to quality & intricate designs, we provide our customers what they need and for creatively designed custom Jewellery pieces, feel free to visit our jewellery store near Parkville or tell us your requirements on (03) 9386 1757.