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Gold Pendant

If you’re looking for a jewellery store near me, Soroor Jewellery is your ideal one-stop jewellery destination. We sell exquisite jewellery that’s as unique as you. From effortless style to timeless jewellery pieces, you can find flawlessly crafted designer gold and silver jewellery from us. From bangles and bracelets to Necklace and chains, we can customise any gold jewellery for you. We have beautiful collections of Jewellery sets that can be a perfect balance for your contemporary and traditional styling needs. So, why wait? Your favourite gold jewellery is now available within your reach; just visit us and flaunt your outfit with beautiful jewellery store near Flemington.


Want to gift your special someone with a nameplate necklace? We can craft and personalise your jewellery. Everything needs an upgrade, so does your jewellery! If you turn your ordinary jewellery into something exquisite, you can go for a gold name necklace or silver sterling necklace. From bangles to bracelets, name chain necklaces, gold pendants, name rings and much more, we can design your jewellery into something unique and subtle. At Soroor Jewellery, we have the most versatile line up of jewellery pieces right for your unique personality.

 Laser Engraving Services Flemington

What’s more special than having a special reminder of your jewellery? We offer professional laser engraving  service for rings, bangles, and bracelets and many other jewellery pieces. From delicate designs to intricate patterns, our team will craft the best jewellery piece for you. Personalising your jewellery with markings is a wonderful addition. We can do it with our professional laser engraving services.

 When it comes to stunning gold and silver jewellery collections & intricate designs, we provide our customers with creatively designed jewellery pieces, feel free to visit us or tell us your requirements on (03) 9386 1757.

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